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Version: mainnet (v0.47)

Vega Apps and Tools

Vega provides several apps and tools to make it easier to interact with the protocol.

For restricted mainnet, those tools include:

Vega Wallet

Use Vega Wallet to connect to a network to associate tokens for staking, and to sign messages. Using the Vega Wallet ensures your keys will be completely disassociated from your personal identity, and Vega will have no way to connect them with you, unless you share your public key for any reason.

There are two apps available to interact with a Vega Wallet, the CLI wallet app, and the desktop wallet app.

$VEGA Token website

Use $VEGA Token website to stake your tokens to nominate the validators that run the network, participate in network governance, and earn and claim rewards.

Vega Tools repo

The Vega Tools repo provides a set of utilities for inspecting and interacting with a Vega network through the APIs.