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Version: mainnet (v0.71)


Represents a party on Vega, could be an ethereum wallet address in the future

type Party {
id: ID!
pagination: Pagination
filter: OrderByMarketIdsFilter
): OrderConnection
marketId: ID
dataRange: DateRange
pagination: Pagination
): TradeConnection
marketId: ID
assetId: ID
type: AccountType
pagination: Pagination
): AccountsConnection
market: ID
pagination: Pagination
): PositionConnection
marketId: ID
pagination: Pagination
): MarginConnection
proposalType: ProposalType
inState: ProposalState
pagination: Pagination
): ProposalsConnection
pagination: Pagination
): ProposalVoteConnection
dateRange: DateRange
pagination: Pagination
): WithdrawalsConnection
dateRange: DateRange
pagination: Pagination
): DepositsConnection
marketId: ID
reference: String
live: Boolean
pagination: Pagination
): LiquidityProvisionsConnection
nodeId: ID
pagination: Pagination
): DelegationsConnection
pagination: Pagination
): StakingSummary!
assetId: ID
pagination: Pagination
fromEpoch: Int
toEpoch: Int
): RewardsConnection
assetId: ID
): [RewardSummary]
direction: TransferDirection
pagination: Pagination
): TransferConnection

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Party identifier

Party.ordersConnection ● OrderConnection object

Orders relating to a party

Party.ordersConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Party.ordersConnection.filter ● OrderByMarketIdsFilter input

Filter orders

Party.tradesConnection ● TradeConnection object

Party.tradesConnection.marketId ● ID scalar

ID of the market you want to get trades for

Party.tradesConnection.dataRange ● DateRange input

Date range to retrieve trades from/to. Start and end time should be expressed as an integer value of nano-seconds past the Unix epoch

Party.tradesConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Party.accountsConnection ● AccountsConnection object

Collateral accounts relating to a party

Party.accountsConnection.marketId ● ID scalar

Market ID - specify what market accounts for the party to return

Party.accountsConnection.assetId ● ID scalar

Asset ID

Party.accountsConnection.type ● AccountType enum

Filter accounts by type (General account, margin account, etc...)

Party.accountsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Cursor pagination information

Party.positionsConnection ● PositionConnection object

Trading positions relating to a party ● ID scalar
Party.positionsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Party.marginsConnection ● MarginConnection object

Margin levels for a market

Party.marginsConnection.marketId ● ID scalar

market ID for the requested margin levels, nil if all markets

Party.marginsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional Pagination information

Party.proposalsConnection ● ProposalsConnection object

All governance proposals in the Vega network

Party.proposalsConnection.proposalType ● ProposalType enum

Optional type of proposal to retrieve data for

Party.proposalsConnection.inState ● ProposalState enum

Returns only proposals in the specified state. Leave out to get all proposals

Party.proposalsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional Pagination information

Party.votesConnection ● ProposalVoteConnection object

All votes on proposals in the Vega network by the given party

Party.votesConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional Pagination information

Party.withdrawalsConnection ● WithdrawalsConnection object

The list of all withdrawals initiated by the party

Party.withdrawalsConnection.dateRange ● DateRange input

Date range to retrieve withdrawals from/to. Start and end time should be expressed as an integer value of nano-seconds past the Unix epoch

Party.withdrawalsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional Pagination information

Party.depositsConnection ● DepositsConnection object

The list of all deposits for a party by the party

Party.depositsConnection.dateRange ● DateRange input

Date range to retrieve deposits from/to. Start and end time should be expressed as an integer value of nano-seconds past the Unix epoch

Party.depositsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional Pagination information

Party.liquidityProvisionsConnection ● LiquidityProvisionsConnection object

The list of the liquidity provision commitment for this party

Party.liquidityProvisionsConnection.marketId ● ID scalar

An optional market ID

Party.liquidityProvisionsConnection.reference ● String scalar

An optional reference ● Boolean scalar

An optional live flag to determine whether to list only live LPs or not

Party.liquidityProvisionsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional Pagination information

Party.delegationsConnection ● DelegationsConnection object

Party.delegationsConnection.nodeId ● ID scalar

Optional node ID

Party.delegationsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Party.stakingSummary ● StakingSummary! non-null object

The staking information for this Party

Party.stakingSummary.pagination ● Pagination input

Party.rewardsConnection ● RewardsConnection object

Rewards information for the party

Party.rewardsConnection.assetId ● ID scalar

An asset ID (optional)

Party.rewardsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Optional pagination information

Party.rewardsConnection.fromEpoch ● Int scalar

Optionally only return rewards >= this epoch

Party.rewardsConnection.toEpoch ● Int scalar

Optionally only return rewards <= this epoch

Party.rewardSummaries ● [RewardSummary] list object

Return net reward information

Party.rewardSummaries.assetId ● ID scalar

An asset ID (optional)

Party.transfersConnection ● TransferConnection object

All transfers for a public key

Party.transfersConnection.direction ● TransferDirection enum

direction of the transfer with respect to the public key

Party.transfersConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Returned by

party query

Member of

AccountBalance object ● AccountEvent object ● Delegation object ● Deposit object ● Entities object ● LiquidityProviderFeeShare object ● LiquidityProvision object ● MarginLevels object ● Order object ● PartyEdge object ● Position object ● Proposal object ● ProposalDetail object ● Reward object ● StakeLinking object ● Trade object ● Vote object ● Withdrawal object