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Version: mainnet (v0.76)



Governance allows the Vega network to arrive at on-chain decisions, where tokenholders can create proposals that other tokenholders can vote to approve or reject. Contribute to the network by voting or submitting proposals.

Proposals are enacted if they get enough votes from VEGA holders. There's no limit to how many active proposals you can vote on.

Vega supports on-chain proposals for governing:

  • Markets: Creating new markets and changing parameters for existing ones
  • Assets - Adding new assets and changing parameters for existing ones
  • Transferring network assets - Moving network-held assets to different accounts or keys
  • Network parameters - Changing the values of existing parameters to change network and market behaviour
  • Freeform - Exploring community sentiment for actions that may or may not be enacted on-chain
Try it out

Vega governance dApp ↗: Read through and vote on active proposals.

Looking for proposal templates?

Tutorials: Governance proposals: See the full range of proposal templates and descriptions of the fields.

Governance topics