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Version: mainnet (v0.76)

Network parameters

There are certain parameters within Vega that influence the behaviour of the system and can be changed by on-chain governance.

Vega tokenholders can define the optimal network configuration by creating and voting on network parameter proposals to change the values of existing network parameters.

Network parameters can only be added and removed with Vega core software releases.

Suggested ranges for parameters

Some network parameters have minimum/maximum boundaries to ensure they aren't supplied with nonsensical values. The table below contains those parameters, to be used as guidance when proposing changes to any of those parameters.

Parameter nameMinimum/Maximum
reward.staking.delegation.competitionLevelMinimum value 1 (inclusive), no maximum.
governance.proposal.(TYPE).minEnactMust be greater than / equal to the corresponding minClose, proposal can't be enacted before voting on it has closed.
governance.proposal.(TYPE).requiredMajorityMinimum 0.0, maximum 1.0. Is multiplied by 100 to get percentage.
governance.proposal.(TYPE).requiredParticipationMinimum 0.0, maximum 1.0. Is multiplied by 100 to get percentage.
rewards.activityStreak.benefitTiers: reward_multiplierMinimum 1.0.