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Version: mainnet (v0.53)

Breaking change when upgrading to 0.14

From version 0.14 onwards, you will need to approve transactions with your Vega Wallet, through the command line. This security measure ensures that only someone with direct access to the wallet can allow transactions to be sent.

Below, find an explanation of changes between the versions.

Submitting a transaction

Up to version 0.14 Submitting transactions did not require any explicit approval from the person managing the Vega wallet when interacting with, for example, the governance dApp or APIs.

Version 0.14.0 onwards For every transaction submitted, the wallet will prompt with details of the transaction, and ask if you approve the transaction.

Prompt for approving a transaction on testnet


When starting the wallet service, you can use the flag --automatic-consent to automatically approve all transactions that are submitted, meaning skipping the review. Once you terminate the wallet process, that consent is withdrawn and you'll need to re-enable it each time.

You should only enable this if you fully trust the origin of all transactions.