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Version: testnet (v0.73)


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type AuctionEvent {
marketId: ID!
leave: Boolean!
openingAuction: Boolean!
auctionStart: Timestamp!
auctionEnd: Timestamp!
trigger: AuctionTrigger!
extensionTrigger: AuctionTrigger


AuctionEvent.marketId ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the market that went into auction

AuctionEvent.leave ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Event fired because of auction end

AuctionEvent.openingAuction ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Event related to opening auction

AuctionEvent.auctionStart ● Timestamp! non-null scalar

RFC3339Nano start time of auction

AuctionEvent.auctionEnd ● Timestamp! non-null scalar

RFC3339Nano optional end time of auction

AuctionEvent.trigger ● AuctionTrigger! non-null enum

What triggered the auction

AuctionEvent.extensionTrigger ● AuctionTrigger enum

What, if anything, extended the ongoing auction