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Version: testnet (v0.73)


Dispatch strategy for a recurring transfer

type DispatchStrategy {
dispatchMetric: DispatchMetric!
dispatchMetricAssetId: ID!
marketIdsInScope: [ID!]
entityScope: EntityScope!
individualScope: IndividualScope
teamScope: [ID]
nTopPerformers: String
stakingRequirement: String!
notionalTimeWeightedAveragePositionRequirement: String!
windowLength: Int!
lockPeriod: Int!
distributionStrategy: DistributionStrategy!
rankTable: RankTable


DispatchStrategy.dispatchMetric ● DispatchMetric! non-null enum

Defines the data that will be used to compare markets so as to distribute rewards appropriately

DispatchStrategy.dispatchMetricAssetId ● ID! non-null scalar

The asset to use for measuring contribution to the metric

DispatchStrategy.marketIdsInScope ● [ID!] list scalar

Scope the dispatch to this market only under the metric asset

DispatchStrategy.entityScope ● EntityScope! non-null enum

The type of entities eligible for this strategy

DispatchStrategy.individualScope ● IndividualScope enum

If entity scope is individuals then this defines the scope for individuals

DispatchStrategy.teamScope ● [ID] list scalar

The teams in scope for the reward, if the entity is teams

DispatchStrategy.nTopPerformers ● String scalar

The proportion of the top performers in the team for a given metric to be averaged for the metric calculation if scope is team

DispatchStrategy.stakingRequirement ● String! non-null scalar

Minimum number of governance tokens, e.g. VEGA, staked for a party to be considered eligible

DispatchStrategy.notionalTimeWeightedAveragePositionRequirement ● String! non-null scalar

Minimum notional time-weighted averaged position required for a party to be considered eligible

DispatchStrategy.windowLength ● Int! non-null scalar

Number of epochs to evaluate the metric on

DispatchStrategy.lockPeriod ● Int! non-null scalar

Number of epochs after distribution to delay vesting of rewards by

DispatchStrategy.distributionStrategy ● DistributionStrategy! non-null enum

Controls how the reward is distributed between qualifying parties

DispatchStrategy.rankTable ● RankTable object

Ascending order list of start rank and corresponding share ratio

Member of

RecurringGovernanceTransfer object ● RecurringTransfer object