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Version: testnet (v0.73)


Epoch describes a specific period of time in the Vega network

type Epoch {
id: ID!
timestamps: EpochTimestamps!
pagination: Pagination
): NodesConnection
partyId: ID
nodeId: ID
pagination: Pagination
): DelegationsConnection

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Numeric sequence number used to identify the epoch

Epoch.timestamps ● EpochTimestamps! non-null object

Timestamps for start and end of epochs

Epoch.validatorsConnection ● NodesConnection object

Validators that participated in this epoch

Epoch.validatorsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Epoch.delegationsConnection ● DelegationsConnection object

Delegations data for this epoch

Epoch.delegationsConnection.partyId ● ID scalar

Optional party ID to filter on

Epoch.delegationsConnection.nodeId ● ID scalar

Optional node ID to filter on

Epoch.delegationsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Returned by

epoch query

Member of

EpochParticipation object ● Reward object