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Version: testnet (v0.73)


Describes something that can be traded on Vega

type Instrument {
id: ID!
code: String!
name: String!
metadata: InstrumentMetadata!
product: Product!

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Uniquely identifies an instrument across all instruments available on Vega (string)

Instrument.code ● String! non-null scalar

A short non necessarily unique code used to easily describe the instrument (e.g: FX:BTCUSD/DEC18) (string) ● String! non-null scalar

Full and fairly descriptive name for the instrument

Instrument.metadata ● InstrumentMetadata! non-null object

Metadata for this instrument

Instrument.product ● Product! non-null union

A reference to or instance of a fully specified product, including all required product parameters for that product (Product union)

Member of

TradableInstrument object