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Version: testnet (v0.73)


Represents a product & associated parameters that can be traded on Vega, has an associated OrderBook and Trade history

type Market {
id: ID!
fees: Fees!
tradableInstrument: TradableInstrument!
decimalPlaces: Int!
positionDecimalPlaces: Int!
openingAuction: AuctionDuration!
priceMonitoringSettings: PriceMonitoringSettings!
liquidityMonitoringParameters: LiquidityMonitoringParameters!
tradingMode: MarketTradingMode!
state: MarketState!
proposal: Proposal
pagination: Pagination
filter: OrderByPartyIdsFilter
): OrderConnection
partyId: ID
pagination: Pagination
): AccountsConnection
dateRange: DateRange
pagination: Pagination
): TradeConnection
maxDepth: Int
): MarketDepth!
since: String!
to: String
interval: Interval!
pagination: Pagination
): CandleDataConnection
data: MarketData
partyId: ID
live: Boolean
pagination: Pagination
): LiquidityProvisionsConnection
marketTimestamps: MarketTimestamps!
riskFactors: RiskFactor
linearSlippageFactor: String!
quadraticSlippageFactor: String!
parentMarketID: ID
insurancePoolFraction: String
successorMarketID: ID
liquiditySLAParameters: LiquiditySLAParameters

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

Market ID

Market.fees ● Fees! non-null object

Fees related data

Market.tradableInstrument ● TradableInstrument! non-null object

An instance of, or reference to, a tradable instrument.

Market.decimalPlaces ● Int! non-null scalar

The number of decimal places that an integer must be shifted by in order to get a correct number denominated in the currency of the market. (uint64)

Examples: Currency Balance decimalPlaces Real Balance GBP 100 0 GBP 100 GBP 100 2 GBP 1.00 GBP 100 4 GBP 0.01 GBP 1 4 GBP 0.0001 ( 0.01p )

GBX (pence) 100 0 GBP 1.00 (100p ) GBX (pence) 100 2 GBP 0.01 ( 1p ) GBX (pence) 100 4 GBP 0.0001 ( 0.01p ) GBX (pence) 1 4 GBP 0.000001 ( 0.0001p)

Market.positionDecimalPlaces ● Int! non-null scalar

The number of decimal places that an integer must be shifted in order to get a correct size (uint64). i.e. 0 means there are no fractional orders for the market, and order sizes are always whole sizes. 2 means sizes given as 10^2 * desired size, e.g. a desired size of 1.23 is represented as 123 in this market. This sets how big the smallest order / position on the market can be.

Market.openingAuction ● AuctionDuration! non-null object

Auction duration specifies how long the opening auction will run (minimum duration and optionally a minimum traded volume).

Market.priceMonitoringSettings ● PriceMonitoringSettings! non-null object

Price monitoring settings for the market

Market.liquidityMonitoringParameters ● LiquidityMonitoringParameters! non-null object

Liquidity monitoring parameters for the market

Market.tradingMode ● MarketTradingMode! non-null enum

Current mode of execution of the market

Market.state ● MarketState! non-null enum

Current state of the market

Market.proposal ● Proposal object

The proposal that initiated this market

Market.ordersConnection ● OrderConnection object

Orders on a market

Market.ordersConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Market.ordersConnection.filter ● OrderByPartyIdsFilter input

Filter orders

Market.accountsConnection ● AccountsConnection object

Get account for a party or market

Market.accountsConnection.partyId ● ID scalar

ID of the party to get the margin account for

Market.accountsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Market.tradesConnection ● TradeConnection object

Market.tradesConnection.dateRange ● DateRange input

Date range to retrieve trades from/to. Start and end time should be expressed as an integer value of Unix nanoseconds

Market.tradesConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Market.depth ● MarketDepth! non-null object

Current depth on the order book for this market

Market.depth.maxDepth ● Int scalar

Maximum market order book depth (returns whole order book if omitted)

Market.candlesConnection ● CandleDataConnection object

Candles on a market, for the 'last' n candles, at 'interval' seconds as specified by parameters using cursor based pagination

Market.candlesConnection.since ● String! non-null scalar

RFC3339Nano encoded time to get candles from ● String scalar

Optional: RFC3339Nano encoded time to get candles to

Market.candlesConnection.interval ● Interval! non-null enum

Interval of the candles

Market.candlesConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information ● MarketData object

marketData for the given market

Market.liquidityProvisionsConnection ● LiquidityProvisionsConnection object

The list of the liquidity provision commitments for this market

Market.liquidityProvisionsConnection.partyId ● ID scalar

An optional party ID ● Boolean scalar

An optional live flag to determine whether to list only live LPs or not

Market.liquidityProvisionsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Pagination information

Market.marketTimestamps ● MarketTimestamps! non-null object

Timestamps for state changes in the market

Market.riskFactors ● RiskFactor object

Risk factors for the market

Market.linearSlippageFactor ● String! non-null scalar

Linear slippage factor is used to cap the slippage component of maintainence margin - it is applied to the slippage volume

Market.quadraticSlippageFactor ● String! non-null scalar

Quadratic slippage factor is used to cap the slippage component of maintainence margin - it is applied to the square of the slippage volume

Market.parentMarketID ● ID scalar

Optional: Parent market ID. A market can be a successor to another market. If this market is a successor to a previous market, this field will be populated with the ID of the previous market.

Market.insurancePoolFraction ● String scalar

Optional: When a successor market is created, a fraction of the parent market's insurance pool can be transferred to the successor market

Market.successorMarketID ● ID scalar

Optional: Market ID of the successor to this market if one exists

Market.liquiditySLAParameters ● LiquiditySLAParameters object

Optional: Liquidity SLA parameters for the market

Returned by

market query

Member of

AccountBalance object ● AccountEvent object ● Entities object ● LiquidityProvision object ● MarginLevels object ● MarketData object ● MarketDepth object ● MarketDepthUpdate object ● MarketEdge object ● Order object ● Position object ● SuccessorMarket object ● Trade object ● UpdateMarketState object