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Version: testnet (v0.73)


Information available for a node

type Node {
id: ID!
pubkey: String!
tmPubkey: String!
ethereumAddress: String!
infoUrl: String!
location: String!
stakedByOperator: String!
stakedByDelegates: String!
stakedTotal: String!
pendingStake: String!
epochData: EpochData
status: NodeStatus!
partyId: ID
pagination: Pagination
): DelegationsConnection
rewardScore: RewardScore
rankingScore: RankingScore!
name: String!
avatarUrl: String

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

The node URL eg

Node.pubkey ● String! non-null scalar

Public key of the node operator

Node.tmPubkey ● String! non-null scalar

Tendermint public key of the node

Node.ethereumAddress ● String! non-null scalar

Ethereum public key of the node

Node.infoUrl ● String! non-null scalar

URL from which you can get more info about the node.

Node.location ● String! non-null scalar

Country code for the location of the node

Node.stakedByOperator ● String! non-null scalar

The amount of stake the node has put up themselves

Node.stakedByDelegates ● String! non-null scalar

The amount of stake that has been delegated by token holders

Node.stakedTotal ● String! non-null scalar

Total amount staked on node

Node.pendingStake ● String! non-null scalar

Amount of stake on the next epoch

Node.epochData ● EpochData object

Summary of epoch data across all nodes

Node.status ● NodeStatus! non-null enum

Validator status of the node

Node.delegationsConnection ● DelegationsConnection object

All delegation for a node by a given party if specified, or all delegations.

Node.delegationsConnection.partyId ● ID scalar
Node.delegationsConnection.pagination ● Pagination input

Node.rewardScore ● RewardScore object

Reward scores for the current epoch for the validator

Node.rankingScore ● RankingScore! non-null object

Ranking scores and status for the validator for the current epoch ● String! non-null scalar

Node.avatarUrl ● String scalar

Returned by

node query

Member of

Delegation object ● NodeEdge object