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Version: testnet (v0.73)


PriceMonitoringTrigger holds together price projection horizon τ, probability level p, and auction extension duration

type PriceMonitoringTrigger {
horizonSecs: Int!
probability: Float!
auctionExtensionSecs: Int!


PriceMonitoringTrigger.horizonSecs ● Int! non-null scalar

Price monitoring projection horizon τ in seconds (> 0).

PriceMonitoringTrigger.probability ● Float! non-null scalar

Price monitoring probability level p. (>0 and < 1)

PriceMonitoringTrigger.auctionExtensionSecs ● Int! non-null scalar

Price monitoring auction extension duration in seconds should the price breach its theoretical level over the specified horizon at the specified probability level (> 0)

Member of

PriceMonitoringBounds object ● PriceMonitoringParameters object