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Version: testnet (v0.73)


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type ProposalDetail {
id: ID
reference: String!
party: Party!
state: ProposalState!
datetime: Timestamp!
terms: ProposalTerms!
rationale: ProposalRationale!
rejectionReason: ProposalRejectionReason
errorDetails: String
requiredMajority: String!
requiredParticipation: String!
requiredLpMajority: String
requiredLpParticipation: String

Fields ● ID scalar

Proposal ID that is provided by Vega once proposal reaches the network

ProposalDetail.reference ● String! non-null scalar

A UUID reference to aid tracking proposals on Vega ● Party! non-null object

Party that prepared the proposal

ProposalDetail.state ● ProposalState! non-null enum

State of the proposal

ProposalDetail.datetime ● Timestamp! non-null scalar

RFC3339Nano time and date when the proposal reached the Vega network

ProposalDetail.terms ● ProposalTerms! non-null object

Terms of the proposal

ProposalDetail.rationale ● ProposalRationale! non-null object

Rationale behind the proposal

ProposalDetail.rejectionReason ● ProposalRejectionReason enum

Why the proposal was rejected by the core

ProposalDetail.errorDetails ● String scalar

Error details of the rejectionReason

ProposalDetail.requiredMajority ● String! non-null scalar

Required majority for this proposal to succeed

ProposalDetail.requiredParticipation ● String! non-null scalar

Required participation for this proposal to succeed

ProposalDetail.requiredLpMajority ● String scalar

Equity-like share required for a market amendment proposal to be enacted (if not met, the proposal will not be enacted), represented as a fraction that can be converted to a percentage

ProposalDetail.requiredLpParticipation ● String scalar

The market share of LPs' equity-like share that must take part in the market amendment vote for the proposal to pass. This means the votes of LPs that have submitted more liquidity to that market, or have been LPs from the start carry more weight. If it requires 50% of a market's equity-like share for a majority, and the proposal receives only YES votes but only LPs with 49% of the equity-like share voted, the proposal will not pass

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