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Version: testnet (v0.73)


The rationale behind the proposal

type ProposalTerms {
closingDatetime: Timestamp!
enactmentDatetime: Timestamp
validationDatetime: Timestamp
change: ProposalChange!


ProposalTerms.closingDatetime ● Timestamp! non-null scalar

RFC3339Nano time and date when voting closes for this proposal. Constrained by "minClose" and "maxClose" network parameters.

ProposalTerms.enactmentDatetime ● Timestamp scalar

RFC3339Nano time and date when this proposal is executed (if passed). Note that it has to be after closing date time. Constrained by "minEnactInSeconds" and "maxEnactInSeconds" network parameters. Note: Optional as free form proposals do not require it.

ProposalTerms.validationDatetime ● Timestamp scalar

RFC3339Nano time and when node validation of the proposal stops, accepted only with new asset proposals

ProposalTerms.change ● ProposalChange! non-null union

Actual change being introduced by the proposal - action the proposal triggers if passed and enacted.

Member of

Proposal object ● ProposalDetail object