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Version: testnet (v0.76)

Get stake



Get staking information for a given party


Path Parameters

    partyId stringrequired

    Party ID for which the stake information is requested.

Query Parameters

    pagination.first int32

    Number of records to be returned that sort greater than row identified by cursor supplied in 'after'.

    pagination.after string

    If paging forwards, the cursor string for the last row of the previous page.

    pagination.last int32

    Number of records to be returned that sort less than row identified by cursor supplied in 'before'.

    pagination.before string

    If paging forwards, the cursor string for the first row of the previous page.

    pagination.newestFirst boolean

    Whether to order the results with the newest records first. If not set, the default value is true.


A successful response.

    currentStakeAvailable string

    Current stake available information.

    stakeLinkings object

    Paged list of stake data with corresponding page information.

    edges object[]

    Page of stake data and their corresponding cursors.

  • Array [
  • cursor string

    Cursor that can be used to fetch further pages.

    node object

    Stake linking representing the intent from a party to deposit.

    amount string

    Amount of stake deposited or removed.

    blockHeight uint64

    Block when the event happened.

    blockTime int64

    Block time.

    ethereumAddress string

    Ethereum address from which the stake link was initiated.

    finalizedAt int64

    Time at which the Vega network finalised the state of the event.

    id Internal ID for this staking event
    logIndex uint64

    Log index.

    party string

    Party to whom the event is directed at.

    status - STATUS_UNSPECIFIED: Default value - STATUS_PENDING: Indicates an event waiting for confirmation from the Vega network - STATUS_ACCEPTED: Indicates an event accepted by the Vega network - STATUS_REJECTED: Indicates an event rejected by the Vega network


    Default value: STATUS_UNSPECIFIED

    Status of the event.

    ts int64

    Timestamp in Unix nanoseconds of when the event was emitted by Ethereum.

    txHash string

    Hash of the transaction in which the event happened.

    type - TYPE_UNSPECIFIED: Default value - TYPE_LINK: Indicate of a stake deposit instruction - TYPE_UNLINK: Indicate of a stake remove instruction


    Default value: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED

    Stake linking event type.

  • ]
  • pageInfo object

    Page information that is used for fetching further pages.

    endCursor string

    End cursor.

    hasNextPage boolean

    Indicator if there is a next page.

    hasPreviousPage boolean

    Indicator if there is a previous page.

    startCursor string

    Start cursor.