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Version: testnet (v0.76)

Before you start

Resources: Vega Wallet

This page provides guidance on how to navigate the wallet API documentation, based on your profile.

I am new to the wallet

If you are not familiar with the wallet, we recommend you to read the How it works page. It provides a broad picture of the wallet architecture, its place in the Vega ecosystem, and the flow of a transaction inside the wallet.

Once read, you will have a good understanding of the wallet and its interaction with the Vega ecosystem. See the next section to start integrating your application with the Vega wallet.

I know how it works, but I don't know how to connect

If you understand how the wallet works and you want to start implementing, choose from the following guides. Start your integration with the local wallet service:

  1. Accessing the API: This page lists the different wallet softwares from which you can consume the wallet API, and, based on your choice, provides links to dedicated guides.
  2. Bootstrap the local service: This will teach you how to download the Vega Wallet CLI, create your first wallet, and get the service up and running.
  3. Connect to the local service: This will teach you how to consume the service API, initiate a connection, and retrieve the wallet keys.

Once you've read the guides above, you will be able to start a local wallet service and your application can connect to a wallet. Next, dive deeper into the HTTP and JSON-RPC API.

I just need the API documentation

If you have a local wallet service running, and your application can connect to a wallet, you're all set up. Here is the API documentation: