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Version: testnet (v0.76)

Apps and Tools

Vega provides several apps and tools to make it easier to interact with the protocol.

Vega Wallet

Use Vega Wallet to connect to a network to trade, associate tokens for staking, and sign messages. Using the Vega Wallet ensures your keys will be completely disassociated from your personal identity, and Vega will have no way to connect them with you, unless you share your public key for any reason.

There are several ways to interact with a Vega Wallet:


Use Vega Console to try trading on a testnet trading interface. The Fairground network is set up to provide a fairly realistic experience where you can place orders, provide liquidity, and see how the market mechanics work.

Governance dApp

Use the Vega Governance dApp to stake your tokens to nominate the validators that run the network, participate in network goveranance, and earn and claim rewards.

Block explorer

The block explorer allows you to query transactions, network parameters, available assets (and their IDs) and more.

Vega Capsule

Use Vega Capsule to create an instance of the Vega network on your computer to experiment with using the protocol.

Set up Vega Capsule: The Vega Capsule readme file in the repo provides information on the prerequisites you need, and details on how to set up Capsule.

  • Become familiar with Vega, and run commands and API scripts in a controlled environment
  • Try out liquidity strategies locally before using the public testnet
  • Practice with the market creation process, to make sure proposals will be accepted for a vote
  • Simulate network conditions ahead of putting forward a network configuration change proposal
  • Simulate market conditions or price scenarios without being concerned about unexpected user behaviour

Vega Tools repo

The Vega Tools repo provides a set of utilities for inspecting and interacting with a Vega network through the APIs.