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Version: testnet (v0.76)

CLI Wallet

Resources: Vega Wallet

The Vega Wallet is available to use as a command-line application.

Wallet guides

  • Create wallet with CLI wallet app: Instructions on how to set up your first wallet and keypair using the command line interface wallet app
  • Restore a wallet: Restore a wallet using a recovery phrase, such as when you want to use the wallet on a different device
  • Manage networks: Set up network details to connect your wallet, update network details, and list the available networks
  • Customise key details: Add metadata to your keys to help you identify each key pair
  • Build and send transactions: Build a Vega transaction
  • Isolate keys: Move a key pair from a standard wallet into a wallet that can only sign and verify transactions

If you are not comfortable using the command-line, you can use the desktop wallet app.