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Version: mainnet (v0.75)

Get current volume discount program



Get the current volume discount program for the network. This program may not be active if it has ended and has not been replaced by another.



A successful response.

    currentVolumeDiscountProgram object

    Volume discount program currently activated on the network.

    benefitTiers object[]

    Defined benefit tiers ordered by increasing discounts. Determines the level of benefit a party can expect based on performance criteria.

  • Array [
  • minimumRunningNotionalTakerVolume string

    Required running notional taker volume in quantum units for parties to access this tier.

    volumeDiscountFactor string

    Proportion of the taker fees to be discounted.

  • ]
  • endOfProgramTimestamp int64

    Timestamp in Unix nanoseconds, after which when the current epoch ends, the program will end and benefits will be disabled.

    endedAt int64

    Timestamp in Unix nanoseconds, at which the program ended.

    id string

    Unique ID generated from the proposal that created this program.

    version uint64

    Incremental version of the program. It is incremented after each program update.

    windowLength uint64

    Number of epochs over which a volume discount statistics' running volume is evaluated.