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Version: mainnet (v0.76)

Get ERC20 set asset limits bundle



Get the signature bundle to update the token limits. These are maxLifetimeDeposit and withdrawThreshold for a given ERC20 token that is already allowlisted in the collateral bridge.


Query Parameters

    proposalId stringrequired

    Proposal ID of the asset update proposal.


A successful response.

    assetSource string

    Address of the asset on Ethereum.

    lifetimeLimit string

    Lifetime limit deposit for this asset.

    nonce string

    Nonce that uniquely identifies this signature bundle and prevents resubmission.

    signatures string

    Signatures bundle as hex encoded data, prefixed with 0x e.g: 0x + sig1 + sig2 + ... + sixN.

    threshold string

    Withdrawal threshold for this asset.

    vegaAssetId string

    Asset ID for the underlying Vega asset.