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Version: mainnet (v0.76)

Get ERC20 withdrawal approval



Get the signature bundle to finalise a withdrawal on Ethereum


Query Parameters

    withdrawalId stringrequired

    Withdrawal ID to retrieve.


A successful response.

    amount string

    Amount to be withdrawn.

    assetSource string

    Address of asset on the bridged EVM chain.

    creation int64

    Creation timestamps.

    nonce string

    Nonce that uniquely identifies this signature bundle and prevents resubmission.

    signatures string

    Signatures bundle as hex encoded data, prefixed with 0x e.g: 0x + sig1 + sig2 + ... + sixN.

    sourceChainId string

    Chain ID of the bridged EVM chain.

    targetAddress string

    Address, prefixed with 0x, that will receive the withdrawn assets.