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Version: mainnet (v0.76)

Observe candle data



Subscribe to a stream of candle updates


Query Parameters

    candleId stringrequired

    Unique ID for the candle.


A successful response.(streaming responses)

    error object
    code int32
    details object[]
  • Array [
  • @type string

    A URL/resource name that uniquely identifies the type of the serialized protocol buffer message. This string must contain at least one "/" character. The last segment of the URL's path must represent the fully qualified name of the type (as in path/google.protobuf.Duration). The name should be in a canonical form (e.g., leading "." is not accepted).

    In practice, teams usually precompile into the binary all types that they expect it to use in the context of Any. However, for URLs which use the scheme http, https, or no scheme, one can optionally set up a type server that maps type URLs to message definitions as follows:

    • If no scheme is provided, https is assumed.
    • An HTTP GET on the URL must yield a [google.protobuf.Type][] value in binary format, or produce an error.
    • Applications are allowed to cache lookup results based on the URL, or have them precompiled into a binary to avoid any lookup. Therefore, binary compatibility needs to be preserved on changes to types. (Use versioned type names to manage breaking changes.)

    Note: this functionality is not currently available in the official protobuf release, and it is not used for type URLs beginning with

    Schemes other than http, https (or the empty scheme) might be used with implementation specific semantics.

  • ]
  • message string
    result object
    candle object

    Candle data.

    close string

    Closing trade price.

    high string

    Highest price for trading during the candle interval.

    lastUpdate int64

    Timestamp in Unix nanoseconds for the point in time when the candle was last updated.

    low string

    Lowest price for trading during the candle interval.

    notional uint64

    Total notional value traded during the candle interval. This value is determined by multiplying price, using market decimal places, by size, using position decimal places. The number of decimal places needed to convert this value to a decimal is market decimal places plus position decimal places.

    open string

    Open trade price.

    start int64

    Timestamp in Unix nanoseconds for the point in time when the candle was initially created/opened.

    volume uint64

    Total trading volume during the candle interval.