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Version: mainnet (v0.76)

Assets list



Get a list of assets. This endpoint may not be exposed by mainnet nodes.


Query Parameters

    asset string


A successful response.

    assets object[]
  • Array [
  • details object

    Definition of the external source for this asset.

    builtinAsset object

    Vega built-in asset.

    maxFaucetAmountMint string

    Maximum amount that can be requested by a party through the built-in asset faucet at a time.

    decimals uint64

    Number of decimal / precision handled by this asset.

    erc20 object

    Ethereum ERC20 asset.

    chainId string

    Chain ID the asset originated from.

    contractAddress string

    Address of the contract for the token, on the ethereum network.

    lifetimeLimit string

    Lifetime limits deposit per address note: this is a temporary measure that can be changed by governance.

    withdrawThreshold string

    Maximum you can withdraw instantly. All withdrawals over the threshold will be delayed by the withdrawal delay. There’s no limit on the size of a withdrawal note: this is a temporary measure that can be changed by governance.

    name string

    Name of the asset (e.g: Great British Pound).

    quantum string

    Minimum economically meaningful amount in the asset.

    symbol string

    Symbol of the asset (e.g: GBP).

    id string

    Internal identifier of the asset.

    status - STATUS_UNSPECIFIED: Default value, always invalid - STATUS_PROPOSED: Asset is proposed and under vote - STATUS_REJECTED: Asset has been rejected from governance - STATUS_PENDING_LISTING: Asset is pending listing from the bridge - STATUS_ENABLED: Asset is fully usable in the network


    Default value: STATUS_UNSPECIFIED

    Status of the asset.

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