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Version: mainnet (v0.75)


Participants who place orders onto the order book, provide liquidity and run the network infrastructure receive the fees that traders pay on filled orders and transfers. The protocol does not charge gas fees for interacting with the network.

You can offset some of those fees, or earn even more, by receiving discounts or getting rewards based on trading activity. Rewards can be funded by anyone, and can be in any asset. See the rewards that are currently available on Console ↗.

For a deeper dive, see the main discount and rewards page.

As of April 2024, the current fees for taker trades are:

Fees in April 2024

The meaning of each is covered on the fees page. Infrastructure and maker fees are set by governance at a network level, and the liquidity fee is set independently for each market. The liquidity fee may be set dynamically or set as a constant per market.

Fee discounts based on trading volume

Traders can receive discounts on their fees when there's an active volume discount program on the network. Read more detail in the volume discounts section.

See the active volume discount program details on Console ↗.