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Version: mainnet (v0.76)

Validator community

Being a high-quality validator involves more than effectively running nodes. You also need to build a reputation and community, and stay actively involved in the wider Vega community. Becoming a recognisable member of the ecosystem is a great way to attract nominations and solidify longevity as a validator.


Validators need to show they're committed to running the network by having Vega tokens staked to their node. There's a minimum amount required to be ranked highly enough to be a validator, and thus receive rewards and pass rewards on to your nominators.

Minimum self-stake, set by network parameter: 🔗reward.staking.delegation.minimumValidatorStake: 3000 tokens


Vega will communicate with node operators, and node operators should communicate with the community using the channels below. If you are running a Vega node, sign up to the following channels.

Vega community Discord: Use the Vega community Discord to introduce yourself, communicate network updates with tokenholders and community members, and keep on top of community news.

Validators channel: To finalise setting up your validator node, you will need to join the Validators channel in the Vega Discord server. This channel is also where important information is shared between node operators, and where validator votes, and new software availability are announced.

Vega community forum: Introduce your node operation, and keep track of governance proposals and other discussions on the Vega forum.

After joining the network

Create a validator profile on the forum ↗: Describe the experience you have, security practices and policies, how you will ensure maximum uptime and meet suitable performance standards, your communication channels for questions, and the role you intend to take in Vega's governance.

Share your profile with the community: Attract tokenholder nominations and build trust by introducing yourself, for example, in the Vega community Validators Discord channel ↗.


Having a dedicated site for your validator will help build credibility and give tokenholders a place to learn more about you.

You could show all the networks that you validate for, as well as details about your location and projects or guides you've created to boost your trustworthiness.

When announcing on-chain

Include your website when you announce your node to the network to ensure that it's displayed on UIs such as the governance dApp.