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Version: mainnet (v0.53)

Create a freeform proposal

The aim of this is to allow community to provide votes on proposals which don't change any of the behaviour of the currently running Vega blockchain. That is to say, at enactment time, no changes are effected on the system, but the record of how token holders voted will be stored on chain.

Note that to create a freeform proposal you need 👀1 token , while to vote you need 👀1 token.

rationale: {
url: "",
hash: "bafybeigwwctpv37xdcwacqxvekr6e4kaemqsrv34em6glkbiceo3fcy4si",
description: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"
terms: {
newFreeform: {
// This object remains empty, but is required

// Timestamp (Unix time in seconds) when voting closes for this proposal,
// constrained by `minClose` and `maxClose` network parameters (int64 as string})
closingTimestamp: 1662294730,