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Version: testnet (v0.73)


Welcome to Vega!

You are currently on the documenation for Vega's testnet network, called Fairground. Documentation you see will be for the Vega software version that Fairground is currently running. If you want to see info for mainnet, switch network in the top bar of this page.

If you have questions, join our community on Discord! We're keen to help.

What is Vega?​

Vega is a protocol for creating and trading derivatives on a fully decentralised network.

Currently, Vega is in alpha mainnet, which is run by a set of validators. There's also a Vega testnet called Fairground, where it's possible to try trading cash-settled futures on a test network.

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What is Vega's alpha mainnet?

Alpha mainnet is the second decentralised version of the Vega network. The second step of a three-stage launch process, it will be followed by v1 mainnet.

  • Trade on cash-settled futures markets - Trade on markets proposed and voted in by the community.
  • Tokenholders can nominate validators - Tokenholders earn staking rewards for securing the network.
  • Network governance is encouraged - Tokenholders can take part in proposing and voting on changes to network configuration to define the optimal network configuration in preparation for the alpha release.

Its functionality is limited and is riskier than networks that will follow it, and involves regularly scheduled software upgrades and downtime. There will probably be some growing pains as the network is stress-tested and upgrades are rolled out.

Mainnet incidents: Vega publishes information about mainnet incidents and their resolutions on the blog.

How can I use Vega?

Create a Vega keypair

  • Get a Vega Wallet: You'll need it for trading and staking tokens. The Vega Wallet is available as a browser extension, or you can download an app.
  • Use Vega Snap: The quickest way to create a Vega keypair is to use MetaMask Snap.

You'll also need an Ethereum wallet with Ethereum for paying gas fees for depositing assets onto the Vega chain.

Trading on mainnet

  • Vega Console: Use the trading interface (hosted on IPFS) to deposit assets, place trades and follow your positions.
  • Programmatic trading basics: Find out what you need to trade using Vega's APIs and tools.
  • Build a trading bot: Read a set of tutorials to guide you through [building your own trading bot.

Token management and network governance

Fairground, Vega's testnet

  • Learn about Fairground: Find out about Vega's testnet, including Keep an eye on the site for incentive opportunities, too.
  • Trade on a testnet: You can also try trading on Fairground. Place an order, track your positions, and explore the margin mechanisms with testnet assets.
  • Share your proposal on Discord: If you propose a market, let everyone know on Discord so that people can vote on it.

How can I contribute to Vega?