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Version: testnet (v0.76)

Referrals & volume discounts

Referral program

Vega Protocol contains an integrated referral program, with commissions, discounts and duration controlled by the community. This program is currently enabled and details of the settings at time of writing are covered below. Latest details and any changes can be found in Console ↗

The program is structured such that a referrer generates a referral code which they can then provide to referees to link to their trading key. Trading as a referee will grant fee discounts, whilst a referrer will receive some portion of all fees paid by their referees.

Both the commission and discount percentages vary and depend on a tier system. Tiers are based on the cumulative trading volume of the referrer and all of their associated referees over the last 30 days. The tier on the current epoch will be based on the rolling 30 days as at the start of the epoch.

As a referrer, you can further boost your rewards by staking VEGA tokens, applying a multiplier to the percentage of fees paid by your referees you receive.

As of April 2024, the following reward boosts are available:

Available reward boost tiers

You can become a referrer by navigating to the referral info page ↗ where you can generate your referral code.

Friends entering this code on the same page will become your referees.

By becoming a referrer you will earn commission from the trading fees paid from your referees. Commission is received in the market settlement currency and paid directly into the referrer's general account without any vesting.

Volume discounts

Vega also contains an on-chain program for discounts to trading fees based on historic executed taker trading volume (i.e. all taker trades executed by the party). When activated, as they currently are, these discounts are divided into tiers, each offering higher savings. As a trader, you can take advantage of volume discounts that provide savings based on your trading activity.

Your position in these tiers depends on your recent trading volume over the last 30 days. When you make trades, the corresponding discount for your tier is applied to your trading fees.

As of April 2024, the following volume discount tiers are available:

Volume discount tiers

The most up-to-date volume discount program details can be found on Console ↗.