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Version: mainnet (v0.71)

Trading on Vega

The Vega protocol software is built to provide a framework for creating markets for trading financial instruments that are based on the values of their underlying assets. All markets created using the Vega protocol have been initiated and voted on by tokenholders. To start, the Vega protocol exclusively supports creating cash-settled futures markets. (Learn about cash settlement on Investopedia. ↗)

Participants that interact with a futures market created using Vega software can submit market, limit, pegged and liquidity commitment orders.

The topics in this section are in progress and will continue to cover more of the trading framework.

Try it out

This section covers derivatives trading concepts and parameters that can impact trading modes. If you understand basics and want to try out the Vega protocol for trading, use Vega Console ↗ for the Fairground network. You'll need to deposit testnet assets using Vega and Ethereum wallets.